Devy Aufia Abshor, Dhina Cahya Rohim


The aim of education in Indonesia is to develop the potential of students to become human beings who have faith and piety to Allah SWT, have noble character and have skills and knowledge. The educational goals can be realized if all people are involved in making it happen. The author does community service by holding free tutoring for elementary school and Muhammadiyah elementary school students in Kudus Regency. The author specializes in underprivileged students because parents have not been able to provide additional learning facilities for their children. In the program, this tutoring applies the Pancasila student profile. The profile of a Pancasila student is a student with global competence and has behavior according to Pancasila values. Its main characteristics include: faith, fear of Allah SWT, noble character, global diversity, mutual cooperation, independence, critical reasoning, and creative. This free tutoring is held in two meetings for one week. Each school has two classes. Each class is guided by an experienced tutor. The purpose of this activity is to help students understand lessons that they do not understand. Besides that, it can hone the teaching skills of tutors whose background is still a student.

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